Friday, August 28, 2009

Mexico '09!

Warning: There will be no Cohen pictures or stories in this blog entry because Chad and I spent last week in Playa Del Carmen, child free! Our friends, Craig and Nadine, were getting married so we decided to make a vacation of it and go for the week. Many of Chad's college friends were there as well, so we hung out with them a lot.

Mindi took this picture of us when we were preparing to pose for a picture... this one came out better than the posed pic. I spent a lot of time in the pool... the only place where I felt weightless!

This is a picture of where we stayed.

Ok, I have to explain this picture... if you'll notice, the guy doesn't have any pants on! He's sitting there in his whitey-tighties! We went to a show at the resort one night and the host had several ladies who were competing in a gameshow go out into the audience and collect a pair of men's trousers! So, just my luck, out of the 500 people sitting in there, it would be the man sitting right next to me who stands up and takes his pants off!

Chad and I at the rehearsal dinner.

There were several exotic animals at our resort, including flamingoes everywhere!

Still hanging out at the pool.

The guys played a lot of waterbasketball.

Here is Kelby showing off his mad dunking skills!

When I wasn't floating in the pool, we spent a lot of time here, under the umbrella on the beach.

Picture of us before the wedding.

Mindi and Me.

The wedding set-up.

If you ever want to get married on the beach, I highly suggest it. It is beautiful. But you have to be ready for the random people who decide they want to watch the wedding too!

The bride and groom!

Funny story... Chad's favorite rap song from his high school years came on at the reception and I kidd you not, he grabbed the mic from the dj and rapped the entire song in front of everyone! I don't know what cam over him! He hadn't even had any alcohol! In this picture he is rapping for Nadine (the bride). He was a hit!

Chad and I brought back a few moves from the college days!

A big thanks to Grammy, Papa, Nana, and Big T for keeping the little guy while we were gone. There will be no more traveling from this mama for a while. It's time to get geared up for baby #2!