Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cohen's first day (again)

Cohen started a new school this week. Our nanny was taking him to school with her 3 days a week and she was his teacher. But she took a job in the school system (we have really been morning that because Cohen LOVES his Mrs. Chidi) so we had to make another plan. There is a preschool at our church where I work so he started there with me this week. Now he gets to come to work with mommy everyday! yay! Here we are on his first day!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween '08

Last night we went to the Fall Festival at Prestonwood. We met some of our friends there and Nana and Big T also drove down so that they could see Cohen in his doggy costume. He was pretty good about barking on cue ("Cohen, what does a doggy say?")

Here he is at the petting zoo.

I couldn't keep that blond hair tucked inside his costume. Surprisingly he kept the head piece on all night.

Most of the rides and games were too big for him. But when it came to the games with the balls, he could hang with the best of 'em. If you haven't seen the arm on this kid, I need to post a video of him throwing a ball. (Is that ok for me to brag on my son?)

I LOVE me some puppy dog kisses!!!!

There was too much going on. This was the best full body shot we could get of the costume.

Cohen got caught with his 'tail between his legs!'

This is Lainey... one of Cohen's best friends. We love her even if she is a sooner fan!

Family picture.

Cohen with Nana and Big T.