Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

I thought I'd get one more blog post in before Campbell makes her arrival! This is a recap of Christmas 2010! Being on bedrest, everyone came to us for Christmas this year. We started out on the 23rd with just the 4 of us opening our presents with each other before everyone else arrived.
Here is Cohen and Channing eagerly awaiting Daddy to pass out their presents.
Here's Channing getting down to business on her first gift.

This was Cohen's favorite gift of the season (and the cheapest, I might add. Doesn't it always work out that way?) A new basketball!
Luckily I had people taking pictures for me throughout the holidays, or I don't think I would have a single thing to put on this blog post!

Here we are making cookies to leave out for Santa.

Here's the final product, cookies and milk left on the fireplace.

Cohen wearing most of his gifts all at once, as he plays on his new Wii Rockband drumset. Channing is trying to help. Love the new Ughs, Tia!

As I said above, he decided to wear his new bicycle helmet, cowboy belt, and cowboy boots all at once!

Channing says, "oooo, is this one for me?"

Channing is trying to tackle Grammy!

The Lawson family came and spent Christmas Day with us, but I don't have any pictures from their time here. Carla or Kellie, can you guys send me some pics so I can put them up on the blog? Cohen had so much fun playing with Jake!

On Christmas night Sheila, Neal, Paige and Holt came over. Channing got a new rocking horse!

The cousins relaxing on the couch.

Paige walked around the house and got pictures of my Christmas decorations

The big tree downstairs.

The baby tree upstairs... with babygate included!

Cohen and Chad up in the playroom trying out the new Diego Wii game!

Sheila and Chandy posing for the camera.
Overall we had a wonderful Christmas! It's so nice to have such supportive family to help us out during this crazy time of bedrest, basketball season, and a 3 yr old and 1 yr old! Spending time with all our family was the best part!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Catch up time!

Oh goodness! I have some major catching up to do. Where to start??? Well, for one, I was put on "modified bedrest" about 3 weeks ago. I'm now 35 weeks and she's still holding strong. If I can make it 1 1/2 more weeks my Dr says he'll let me go back to my normal routine.

You would think with this modified bedrest that I would have plenty of blogging time. But I've actually been spending a lot of my down time getting ready for our Project Mom Spring Tour. If you're a mom (or even if you're not!) check it out, We have 5 locations and dates in the Spring. We have a contest that just started last week called Post the Most, and we're giving away an Apple iPad! If you want an iPad, this is an easy way to get a free one!

The week of Thanksgiving the kids, me and their Nana went to get pictures taken with Santa. We also got a few pictures of me and the kids. You'll notice that Channing is pulling off her bow in both of these pictures. It drives me crazy! She won't keep one on for more than a minute.

We went up to my Meemaw's house on Thanksgiving. Cohen got some reading time with his big cousin Isaac.

Then we headed to Gainesville to spend time with the Lawsons. Here is Cohen, Channing, and Jake jumping on the trampoline with Nana.

Here is Cohen and Gavin. Gavin is Cohen's 2nd cousin, but you would think they are brothers!

Then, a couple of weeks ago Cohen had his Christmas program at school. Here he is with his class and his two great teachers, Mrs. Ann and Mrs. Stephanie.

A few days ago I realized that I have no pictures of this entire pregnancy. With Cohen I took weekly pictures of my progress. With Channing we took a picture at least every few weeks. But with Campbell I've been a total slacker. So Chad took a picture the other night before we headed out the door for my staff Christmas Party. This is 34 weeks.