Monday, October 11, 2010

Well, this might be the longest I've ever gone on a blogging sabbatical. Sorry about that! The only faithful readers that I probably still have out there are the grandparents.

I realized today that I never posted a picture of the first day of school. So, here is Cohen in his new classroom with his new backpack.
Cohen was invited to a pumpkin patch for his friend's birthday party. So we loaded up the whole family and went up to Celina. He LOVED it. The petting zoo is always a hit!

I really think he was trying to see how far he could get his hand down this goat's mouth!

For Channing, the highlight was wrestling with the pumpkins... or at least she tried to wrestle them.

I was able to get her to sit still on one of the pumpkins for about 1/2 a second... just long enough to get a picture.

Me and my 2 girls... the 2nd girl is hiding in my belly!

So, Cohen got a little carried away with the red frosting cupcakes!

Please don't judge me for Cohen's haircut... or lack thereof. We're trying to grow it out to see if we can get some blonde curls going. So far we just have a shag going on. If it doesn't start doing something soon, I'll have to cut it... don' think I can handle this for Christmas pictures!