Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Watch these two videos! These are the kinds of things I'll be so glad I have on video 20 years from now.

Friday, September 25, 2009

What have we been doing lately?

Well, let me show you in pictures...

We went to Stillwater for the OSU game a couple of weekends ago. This was Cohen's first college football game.
Here he is shaking Daddy's keys to cheer on the Cowboys!

Family pic!

Ok, so Cohen has been doing really good at going "#1" in the potty, but "#2" has been a little bit of a challenge, until I discovered the secret weapon... a Sports Illustrated! Give the kid a magazine and he goes "#2" every time!

Last weekend I was cleaning out all of Cohen's toys and organizing them when he came across his long lost headband. He was so excited to find it that he would not take it off the entire day. We went to Target in it and he even took a nap in it!

Here are some pics from the first day of school. They are in reverse order. This first one is an after school pic (as you can see by the snack on his face!)

Ready to go mommy!

We also recently went and took our first visit to Downtown Grapevine to see the train station.

The end!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Guess who's 2!?!

Cohen turned 2 last Tuesday and we had a party last Saturday... I'm finally getting around to posting the pics. Like most friends and family know, Cohen LOVES the Texas Rangers. So, we thought it appropriate to have a Texas Rangers party for his 2nd birthday! We had it here at the house and invited our family and some of his friends from church.

We did Rangers tattoos on all the kids. Cohen had several. This is one of them.
We decorated in Rangers decor and a lot of the guests wore their Rangers gear! We served our favorite ballpark food... nachos, hot dogs, pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, (if you haven't had these at the Rangers ballpark, you have to get them the next time you go. They're delicious!), chips, and cokes.

The cake...

The Pinata....

Cohen loves to play any game that uses a bat or a ball, so taking slugs at the pinata was right down his ally.

We borrowed a bounce house from the church and put it up in the front yard. It was a big hit!

Cohen and Papa showing off their matching shirts!

Cohen and Cousin Paige!

Cousin Jake and Aunt Kellie!