Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Photo Shoot

I have no idea how you guys out there who have multiple children EVER get a Christmas picture. We are at the squirmiest age right now! After three different times of holding him down to get his Christmas sweater on, and making three different trips to the Villages at Allen, and taking 106 pictures taken on my camera... we finally got ONE picture that was usable for the Christmas card. Yes, I said ONE! Here it is:

Here are just a few examples of what it took to get this one picture!

Next year I'm bringing in the professionals!!
On another note, I really do have some good excuses for not blogging over the past few weeks. One being that I started a new job a couple of months ago and I've been working really hard trying to balance my job and my mommy time. Which hasn't left much time for blogging. I'm hoping that over the holidays I will have more time and I can catch up.
One more thought... Is anyone out there watching the biggest loser finale right now? Holy Cow!! Michelle just popped out and I'm absolutely blown away!