Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pictures of the week

Love this picture! Like father, like son...
Mom Barr (Chad's grandmother) and Nana came and stayed with the kids on Tuesday night so that I could go to Chad's playoff game. Side note: They lost the game... bummer! But secretly (which, I guess it's not secretly since I'm putting it on my blog) I've never been so happy for basketball season to be over! Channing was born on the night of the first game of the season. We're ready to have daddy home. Ok, back from my side note... Here is Mom Barr with the kiddos.

We're still chuggin' away with Mr. Purple Dinosaur!

Friday, February 19, 2010

3 month

Little Chan-Chan (that's her newest nickname) turned 3 months over a week ago, but unfortunately for her 3 month birthday gift she got RSV (and then gave it to her mommy). So, getting a 3 month picture has not been at the top of our priority list.
When we brought her home from the NICU we knew that we were going to have to be very careful with her. We tried to keep her out of the "elements" during cold and flu season, but the virus seemed to find it's way to her anyway. We've been doing a lot of breathing treatments and just trying to keep her out of the hospital. She's been a trooper. We've had a lot of help from my cousin Paige (thanks Paiger!) She's been a lifesaver.

Please ignore her outfit in this picture. Changing her clothes is not something I like to try and conquer right now. It's hard for her to breathe when she lays flat on her back so we try and only change her diaper when we absolutely have to and just leave her in her nightgown all day. We also have her sleep sitting up in her carseat so she can breathe. It's funny that she looks so chunky in this picture. She's still a little peanut and doesn't even weigh as much as her daddy did when he was born yet!

Look at that smile!

I thought it was only appropriate to get a picture with her new best friend, the purple dinosaur face mask that we use for breathing treatments!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweetheart Dinner

Ever since Cohen was born I have wanted to do a Valentine dinner for my family. I decided to finally do it this year.

First, I have to show off my valentine that Cohen made for me. He worked on this all week at school. Isn't it beautiful!
One of my friends bought this for our family and I decided to break it out tonight at my Sweetheart Dinner. The idea is that you bring it out at dinner time each night and whichever person in the family has done something extra special that day gets to eat off it that night at dinner. Until Channing knows what is going on, I have a feeling Cohen will be eating off of it alot!

So, to the dinner part... I wanted to make valentine theme ice for my punch but i didn't have heart shaped ice trays. So, I decided to make pink colored water with food coloring (i know, it looks orange in this picture, but it was pink) and then I poured it into my mini-muffin pan. I stuck a raspberry into each cup and froze it in the freezer.

They turned out pretty good. Once again, this looks orange, but it was pink lemonade punch.

I made sugar cookies. For some reason I didn't get a finished picture but they turned out cute once I got them completely iced and put the red sprinkles on.

For an appetizer I made fillo cups with a cheese stuffing. I found these red fillo cups to go with the valentine theme.

Cheesecake!! Don't be too impressed, I went with the Sandra Lee Semi-Homeade style here. I bought the cheesecake at the bakery and then decorated it at home.

Ok, this might look disgusting, but this is a 2 yr olds Valentine dream... heart shaped chicken nuggets and heart shaped pizzas!!

I also cooked some pork and veggie kabobs and salad for Chad and I, but forgot to get a pic of those. Not nearly as exciting as the pizza and chicken nuggets, right?! :)

I had my camera on a wierd setting and didn't notice until later that it was fuzzy. This is a pic of the table decor.

I think he liked it! Please excuse the hair. This is what happens when you play in the snow and then take a nap!

Cohen is showing off his Valentine's Day gift from mommy... Sock Monkey houseshoes.

From the look on his face, I think my first annual Sweetheart Dinner was a success!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Oh, how I've wished for that for so many nights. Last night my dream came true... Channing slept for 8 hours last night!! Hall-e-lu-yer!!