Sunday, October 30, 2011

Friday Night Lights...In a Suit!

Recently, Cohen was asked to be the crown bearer for Pearce's homecoming football game. A couple of months ago he received a hand-me-down tux from a friend. As soon as he was asked, he told me, "I get to wear the bow tie suit". He was all excited about the idea so he ran up to his room and tried it on... the minute he came down the stairs I knew that unless tux capri pants are a new trend then his bow tie suit dreams would be crushed. I promised him that I would buy him a really fancy suit, and that I did. Thanks Ross ($11.99). I mean, seriously, doesn't my son look like a million bucks?

Above is a pic of the little girl Cohen walked with.. They had only met once before, but they decided to hold hands through the whole thing!

About 30 seconds after this pic was taken, everyone ran off the field in excitement. There stood Cohen and Ellie, all by themselves at the 50 yard line... still holding hands. I always wondered what it would be like to be in front of that many people on the field (this is TEXAS FOOTBALL!) Now I know... I did my best non-chalant sprint out on to the field in heels to retrieve my little boy and his date. I am certain that had I not saved the day they would still be standing there as the second half kicked off!
Cohen and the Pearce Mustang! I'm hoping when he grows up he aspires to be a mascot as opposed to a football player. Sorry Chad! I get all panicky at the idea of him on the football field... unless it's the kicker, of course! Surely he can't get hurt as the kicker! I've brainwashed him into thinking the kicker is the most important player on the field!
Doesn't he look so grown up in this pic?!?! It kinda makes me get teary!