Saturday, June 26, 2010


my laptop has some major issues and I have to wait for our tech guy at work to get back from vacation, so i'm posting from my phone. Chad and I had a great time away last week in NYC. I'll post pics as soon as my laptop is up next week. Also, we've got some great new pics of Channing that I can't wait to share!

On the pregnancy front, everything is going well... Just very sick and tired, which I guess is good news that the baby is healthy!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Long time, no blog!

Well, here are a few of my excuses for being so negligent over the past month on my family blog...
First, I launched a new company a couple of months ago called Project Mom. It's a company that resources moms and provides events for moms to get away, refocus, refresh and brush-up on mom skills. If you're a mom that lives anywhere close to the metroplex, you should attend our first Summit in September. Check out the site. You can click on the blog tab and scroll back to one of the first entries to see how it all got started. It's a pretty exciting journey that God is bringing us through!

My second excuse for the lack of blogging is that we're pregnant, AGAIN! Yes, this was not part of "the plan." We were pretty shocked for a few days, but now we're just feeling super blessed that God has chosen to give us 3! We know that every baby is a miracle, but when you're taking extra measures to keep it from happening and it still happens, it just seems like even more of a miracle! Channing and this new "Baby C" will be 14 months apart. We'll have 3 kids, 3 and under, yikes! When Chad found out we were pregnant he said, "Even the Duggers wait longer to get pregnant than us!"
We're still trying to figure out how we're going to fit 3 car seats in the back of my Honda Accord!

On another note, we had Channing's 6 month appt and she's a healthy little girl, still on the small side though. I'm not sure if that's because she was a preemie or because she's my daughter. Her stats were...
Height: 24 1/2" (10th percentile)
Weight: 14 lbs, 11 oz (22nd percentile)
Head: 17 1/2" (92nd percentile)
Which means, if she didn't have her daddy's big head, she might would also be in the 10th percentile in weight! Hopefully it will all even out.

I have been SO sick the past 2 weeks (way more sick than with my other pregnancies), so I have taken very few pictures. I did manage to get a couple of cute ones the other night while Chad was giving Cohen boxing lessons. Please ignore all the baby gear in the background...