Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cohen at age 5

Our Cohen turned 5 yrs old a couple of months ago.  It has been a whirlwind of a 5 years, but I think Chad and I look at him almost everyday and marvel at the amazing gifts God has given this child.  He is so smart, affectionate, empathetic, observant, determined, focused, discerning, and wise beyond his years.  Mine and Chad's prayer for him (and all our kids) is that he can use these talents God has given him to bring Glory to HIS name, that he would grow in a deeper and more intimate relationship with HIM everyday that he gets older, and that God's grace would fall on him and God will lull him to HIS heart.

Here are a few things I love about Cohen:
#1- Our Bible time
Every morning (or at least most mornings) he and I spend some time in the Word together.  Over the past year we've read through Matthew, Mark, Luke, Exodus, and we're currently in Leviticus.  I love how he looks forward to this time with mommy each morning, and how he brings the Bible over to me after he's finished his breakfast and taken his dishes to the sink.  In the summer time we'll set out on the back porch and try to take in the coolest part of the day before the Texas heat comes in.  And in the winter time we'll cuddle up together on the couch and snuggle under a blanket.  I love how he asks questions (some of which I don't know the answers to.)  And I love how he points out things in the word that I've never noticed or thought of before... through the eyes of a child.

#2-His determination and goal setting
The week of his birthday we started him in piano lessons.  Now, I don't think Cohen has some freakishly amazing, inherent music skills (although he's not bad.)  But I do think Cohen is going to do very well at piano because of his determination and drive to get better at everything he does.  The boy practices everyday... and he's 5!  He loves to look at the end of the piano book and set a goal for the date he will finish the book.
He's the same way with Teeball.  He loves to get in the backyard and hit the baseball over and over again, or put his glove on and have Chad or I throw him grounders over and over again. 
Cohen has an incredible ability to invision the final result of whatever he is working toward, and he takes every little babystep toward those goals with the end in mind.

#3-His sweet talk to his sisters
Yes, there are times when he is a typical 5 yr old boy toward his sisters, but there are many more times when his sweet talk toward them melts my heart.  Like when we're in the car toward the end of a long ride and Campbell is getting restless and starting to cry.  He'll lean over and rub her arm and say, "It's ok Campbell, see, we're almost there."  And, "Oh, Campbell, look!  Do you see that horsey over there?  What does a horsey say?"  Or when Channing brings him a book to read to her and he'll stop whatever he's doing to crawl up on the couch and read it to her.  Which brings me to #4...

#4- His reading
This past year, when he was about 4 1/2, he started reading.  And I mean really reading.  Since he's our first child, Chad and I didn't really have any reading expectations set, but he kind of blew us away when he took off with it.  We think, based on the stated levels at the library, that he's reading at about a 2nd grade level.  He loves to read, and I hope it stays that way.  He and Chad read together every night.  First they read from the family Bible and then they read a chapter from the Hank the Cowdog Series.  There are about 60 books in the series, and I think they've read about 10.  This is perfect for Cohen because, of course, he's set the goal of reading all 60!  Every other week we go to the library and check out a new one.

#5- His singing
Now, compared to Channing, I wouldn't really call him our singer.  But I love to listen to him sing when he doesn't know anyone is listening.  He sings in that sweet little falsetto voice.  When I hear him sing like that I just want to freeze that moment in time because I know that precious voice won't stay that way forever.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Cohen from this past year:

This was his family birthday party on the weekend of his birthday.  I made a basketball cake out of Reese's Pieces.

This was on the first day of school this year.  Cohen in TK, Chan in 2 yr old class, and Campbell in 18 month class.  They were getting a little silly and excited to be going to school!

For Cohen's bday this year, instead of having a big "friend" party, he wanted to invite Jake into town and go to a Rangers game.  This was their pre-game picture. 

One day this summer we were playing in the backyard early in the morning.  The kids still had on their jammies.  Yes, Cohen is wearing his Christmas PJ's in July!

This was in Galveston for our vacation with the Lawson side of the family.  Cohen is sporting the summer shag!

This was at the end of school.  He graduated from 4 yr old class.  He got the award for "Best Bible Knower".  The teacher said he was always right on top of all their Bible lessons and even corrected the teacher some times... Oops!  Need to work on that respect thing!!

Cohen holding Nana's hand at MeeMaw's funeral.

This was our family portrait session.  I love how the photographer caught this typical situation.... Chad and I handling the girls while Cohen waits patiently. :)

Love this!

I think I'll have this picture framed for the rest of my life!  Can I keep him this way forever??!!!  Time machine, freeze now!!

We went to Colorado this summer for Chandy and Tanner's wedding.  Which was such a wonderful trip!  Here are some precious pictures of Cohen from that day....

He practiced his wedding reception dance for weeks!  He stole the show!

He was excited to suprise Tanner with this sign.

Typical Cohen!

This was an old one from almost a year ago... Christmas 2011.

Cohen, your daddy and I love you more than you will ever know.  Thank you for the things you've taught us, and thank you for loving us even when we mess up! 

Love, Mommy