Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanksgiving in the Boonies!

We always try and see both sides of the family during the week of Thanksgiving. This year we headed down to southeast Oklahoma to hang out with my side of the family, then we went to Gainesville to see the Lawsons. I forgot my camera so I depended on everyone else to take pictures for me on this trip. I haven't gotten pictures from our time at the Lawsons yet, so I'll try and fit those in another post. Here are a few pictures from our time at my Meemaw's house...One of the big events of Thanksgiving week was Cohen getting to have his first hunting experience. He's finally old enough to walk quietly through the woods and be still while waiting for a deer, so we finally let him go. My Brother, Chaney, killed a deer the day before Thanksgiving. I think Cohen liked to pretened it was his deer... we let him pretend!

Grammy and Campbell enjoying the sunshine!

My Pepaw passed away last August. He was an important part of the community, so back in the Spring they named the baseball park in his namesake. We went to check it out. Here are the kids running the bases on EE Shelton Field.

Our whole family under the EE Shelton Field sign.

Campbell was excited to eat her first Thanksgiving meal!

A family photo where everyone is looking at the camera! This never happens!