Thursday, November 3, 2011

More please....

Cohen got the Wii Super Mario Brothers game for his birthday back in September… since then it has turned into his favorite game! So it was only natural that our kids be Super Mario characters for Halloween. My sister, who always loves a good craft project and a good bargain, took on the task of making their costumes for less than $10 a piece. I'm not sure I thought it could be done... but she succeeded. As you can see in the pictures, Cohen was Mario, Channing was Princess Peach and Campbell was Toad.

About halfway through the night we noticed that Channing was lagging behind a little and her bag was a little heavy... she wouldn't let anyone else hold it so we decided we would empty it out and start over. It was when we began emptying it that we realized her entire bag was full! She had 3 times the amount of candy that the other kids had! How could that happen?!?! Then it occurred to us... Channing is getting better at her verbal skills but currently her favorite words are MORE PLEASE! As we watched her the rest of the night, each time we walked up to a house she would say, "Trick or treat... more please" She was so darn cute in her princess outfit that they continued to give her more. Then she would say "thank you, your welcome!" She has yet to figure out you don't say those two words at the same time. It is amazing how much candy that kid hauled in!
On another note... we definitely should have put a bow on Campbell's mushroom hat. She looked like a boy and after about 5 minutes of trick or treating I gave up on explaining to people when they called her a "he" or "him". I just smiled and we moved on.... my fault for putting my child in red and blue! Oops!

Overall it was such a fun night. Cohen is at the prime age to really enjoy trick or treating. He kept saying, "This is the best halloween ever!" Although I'm quite sure it is the only one he remembers!